What’s Next for Online Enrollment Tools?


As online benefit enrollment becomes more commonplace, platforms will provide more decision support, while focusing on millennials, a panel of experts said Monday at EBA’s Workplace Benefits Mania conference in Las Vegas.


The tools are expanding down market, explained David Reid, CEO of EaseCentral, a benefits administration platform that focuses on small employers. “Look at decision-support tools implemented by small businesses compared with enterprise companies,” Reid said.
“There is a big need, and [while] it is served well by the broker
community, it is [currently] underserved by technology.”

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How to Prepare for the New Federal Overtime Rule

The 24 general managers who keep Toppers Pizza’s corporate restaurants up and running work about 50 hours a week, sometimes more if an hourly worker calls in sick or quits suddenly. The managers receive a guaranteed salary plus bonuses and are exempt from overtime pay.

However, by December, their positions will most likely be reclassified as hourly nonexempt, or perhaps salaried nonexempt, to comply with the new federal overtime regulation.

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Checklist for Employers Considering Self-Funding

checklist-crop-600x338The new health benefits landscape has changed the way employers approach providing health insurance to employees. One strategy we’re seeing more of is the move toward self-funding health insurance. For a lot of employers, moving to a self-funded model makes sense. However, before they consider this route they need to ask the right questions and understand what they might be getting themselves into.

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Top 10 Catastrophic Claims for Self-Funded Employers

health-insurance-istock58545076small-crop-600x338There are a range of illnesses that can prompt a self-funded employer to make a claim on their stop-loss insurance policy, but a new study by Sun Life Financial Inc. finds that a majority (53 percent) of the $5.3 billion in such claims paid by insurers from 2012 to 2015 came from 10 ailments. Here are the top ailments that lead to self-funded employers making claims on stop-loss insurance policies. …
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