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The Top Power Questions for Your Broker & Insurance Company

No matter where you are in the process – here are the questions C-Suites are asking about their second largest expense after payroll.

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Take Back Control of Your Spend on HealthCare


The Answers You Never Knew You Needed

We’ve compiled smart, probing, and diligent questions you are entitled to ask your broker and insurance company.

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Question: “What strategies are you using to reduce the frequency & severity of claims in our health care plan?”

Why the answer Is so important: the only way to reduce the cost of health care is to reduce the frequency (number) and severity (cost) of your claims.

The primer includes proven examples of how you can do this. If your broker has provided strategies, you might want to question their efficacy unless you’re getting annual reductions in your health insurance rates.

If your wheels are starting to turn, this is just the beginning of what you haven’t been told.

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