Sign-300x200Located in Germantown, TN, BenefitHelp™ is an industry leader with over 75 years of combined experience in delivering innovative and effective turn-key benefits communication, enrollment and administration solutions.

Our customized communication and enrollment strategies engage and educate your employees to make the right benefit decisions. Just as significant, we make them feel more connected to you as their employer by enhancing each employee’s benefits knowledge, ensuring they fully understand their options, and recognizing the true value their benefits provide.

By utilizing our integrated suite of services, employers can get rid of the stacks of paper forms and can eliminate the time-consuming manual processes. Our services provide a new method for employers to counsel employees on complex topics like benefits, compensation, health and financial wellness, and on-boarding programs. In this technology-driven society, our platform can be easily accessible from any device while providing an interactive user experience.


Studies show that people generally remember 10% of what they read, 10% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and 50% of what they see and hear. Our multimedia approach provides the optimal solution because employees are reading, seeing, and hearing about their benefits.”

We offer a wide range of proprietary tools and internal services that make our flexibility and turnaround time unmatched in the market. All audio, video, print, graphics, branding, and production are prepared in-house, as well as, system setup, support and service.

– Mission Statement –

Building a God honoring business through serving companies and their employees for a higher purpose.

– Purpose Statement –

The purpose of BenefitHelp is to help companies deliver cost effective, streamlined, and engaging benefit packages to their employees through efficiency, innovation and technology.

– Core Values (S.T.R.E.T.C.H) 

We enthusiastically go the extra mile

We act with honesty and integrity

We put people and relationships first

We strive for continuous improvement and excellence everyday

We give our very best for the team while maintaining a healthy balance

We communicate directly, honestly, tactfully and often

We check our egos at the door


BenefitHelp brings a menu of innovative solutions to help our clients control costs and achieve a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

We use proven processes and technologies that help employers communicate, enroll, and administer their employee benefits programs.

Our services do not stop at healthcare. BenefitHelp has a range of services that address the entire benefit package, from health coverage, wellness, and disease management, to disability, life insurance, supplemental benefits, benefit administration systems, multimedia communication tools, and more. This is all possible without the costly addition of building internal systems or making major changes to current infrastructure.

For each client, we customize a set of solutions that will best accomplish the following goals:

Increase Benefit Knowledge through Benefits Communication

From our customized, multimedia communication campaigns to our selection of one-to-one enrollment methods for a robust educational experience, BenefitHelp™ solutions lead the industry in increasing employees’ understanding and appreciation of the value of their benefits. By ensuring that employees understand their benefits are a great reason to stay with the company, our solutions contribute significantly to improved retention rates. And by implementing cost-effective enrollment-related functions, our solutions ease the burden on HR teams while reducing overhead costs for the company.

Streamline the Enrollment Process

BenefitHelp provides the technology, expertise and resources needed for a highly-efficient enrollment. We produce the communications, provide the counselors, manage the implementation, and work with the data and so much more, enabling your HR team to focus on more strategic, performance-related issues. Additionally, educating and enrolling new employees into their benefit plans is our expertise.

Benefits Administration Process

BenefitHelp can streamline the benefits administration process through exceptional management and technology. BenefitHelp’s “state of the art” on-line benefits  communication, enrollment, and administration system is utilized to manage employee data, benefits data, and HRIS information. Our services include benefits  enrollment/administration, Electronic Data Interchange, premium billing reconciliation, audit services and much more.