Benefit Communication

Research shows that an employee’s appreciation of his or her benefits is directly related to how well he or she understands the benefits being offered.

CommArt 300x200To ensure better understanding, we provide proven processes and technologies that assist employers in communicating to their employees about their benefits programs.

If employees are unaware of the benefits available to them, or fail to understand the advantages the benefits have to offer, the efforts will be of no value.

A competitive benefits package creates an employer-of-choice environment which will translate into a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining the most qualified employees in the industry.

Effectively communicating and educating employees is crucial to the success of any benefits package. Utilizing various communication techniques
has been proven to increase employee knowledge, participation and satisfaction.

Our Communication Services Include

Benefit Movies

Customize your communications to align with your company’s brand, voice, and culture.

We have developed an interactive, high-quality video tool that communicates to employees about their complete benefits packages. This presentation can be played on the web, DVD player, or laptop computer. The presentation can be shown by using a HD monitor for small groups, or a projector screen which is more ideal for larger group meetings. 

Leverage our stock video library and the best practices we have learned from our customers to help you better simplify communicating complex topics like benefits, compensation, on-boarding, and more.

Our use of green screen technology is changing the way we communicate information more effectively. Green screen technology allows for a perfectly controlled studio environment by greatly decreasing the time involved in the post-production process.

This is why producing your BenefitMOVIE™ in our green screen studio can be both valuable and cost-effective.

Did You Know?

“Humor has been known to be an effective teaching tool. We have created a menu of humorous skits that are incorporated into the BenefitMOVIE™ teaching employees things such as: using the wellness programs, when to use the ER, the need for disability coverage or even the open enrollment experience.”

 Benefit Websites

All Your Benefits – In One Place.

Click Here  to View our DEMO HELPSITE

Educating employees about their benefits can be a tough job. The challenge is to take a large volume of information, that is often complex and confusing, and present it to the employee in a format that is condensed and easy to understand. Effectively communicating with employees about their benefits must be a year round effort.

Our customized BenefitHELPSITE pages are designed to be the landing page for your employees to get answers related to their benefits program. We simplify important topics—benefits, compensation, on-boarding and more and make this information accessible to your employees and their families, anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Each Company has a customized URL such as which makes is easy for employees and family members to remember.

  Customized company benefit website covering All Benefits including copies of your company’s Benefits Presentation, Customer Service support links, links to the Enrollment system, and additional resources.

  All text may be changed and edited for company preference.

  The buttons are customizable and can point to specific benefit plan URLs.

Convenient 24/7 access

Your employees and their families can watch informative benefit videos, search provider directories, review plan descriptions, find important phone numbers for doctors and insurance carriers, chat online, and most importantly will have the opportunity to make more informed benefits decisions.

Benefit Guides

Our BenefitHelpGUIDE offers your employees an overview of their benefits in an easy to read booklet.

The guide presents to employees a detailed overview of their complete benefits package, and each section of the guide is clearly explained through description, charts, and pictures.

Many employees do not completely understand the benefit’s package provided to them; thereby many employees do not get the value being offered by their benefits. By improving how the employee’s benefits are communicated, you will see an increase in employee benefits education and satisfaction.

Multiple design options; all according to your branding standards.

  We will communicate all benefits existing, updated or new

  Guide can be delivered in a digital file for the web and/or files prepared for printing

  Each year, we’ll update your materials for your new plan year

  Enrollment instructions can be included • Translation of the guide’s text to a foreign language is also available.

Click Image to View PDF

Total Benefit Statements

We can provide customized benefits statements both printed and online.

Benefits statements are used to provide employees with a record of what benefits they have as well as providing them with how much their employer is spending. These statements are extremely valuable communications tools because they illustrate the value of an employee’s total compensation package.

Employers typically mail benefits statements to employees’ homes, however through our systems we can provide “real time” benefits statements at the time of one-on-one laptop enrollments or online enrollments saving the employer the cost of creating, producing, and mailing the statements.

For employers who want to remain with the traditional approach, we can also produce and mail statements to employees’ homes.

Total Benefit Statement Features:

Several formats with flexible graphics

Graphs and charts as visual tools

Various data file formats and multiple data files

Special messages targeting specific employee groups

Benefit Helpline

One Team to Call for All Your Needs…

As a convenience for employees, this helpline provides one toll free number for employees to call that connects them with all benefit vendors, or a human resources representative at your office. It is customized for each company and provides call tracking.

Let’s say an employee wants to check on the status of a medical claim, and wants to find out if a certain dental procedure is covered – he would call a toll-free number, and instructions would be provided – press 1 to be connected with medical, press 2 to be connected with dental, etc.

The employee does not have to look up each individual vendor’s phone number – all he has to remember is one number to be connected with all vendors.

  Email & Call Reminders

Facilitate employee email and call reminders to help increase participation and deliver important messaging.

BenefitHelp facilitates employee email and call reminders to help increase participation and deliver important messaging. These communication reminders have a positive effect during an annual open enrollment event and when on-boarding new hires.

Employers use our email and call reminders to reach non-responders, as pre-enrollment communication, as a method for increasing urgency and to encourage participation

  Customized Design & Printing

We handle it all – everything from benefit guides, posters and postcards to videos and portals.

Our in-house creative team helps our customers bring their benefits campaigns to life by creating visually appealing pieces that deliver clear, consistent messaging. Our multimedia strategies are designed to reach every member of your organization.

  Enrollment Booklets and Insurance Policies

  Enrollment Posters


  Summary Plan Descriptions

  Social Media

Today’s use of social media tools is fundamentally changing the way we communicate.

We all expect to get information on demand. Employees have come to expect the same with benefits communications as they engage in health, wellness and financial decisions.

BenefitHelp™ utilizes the latest social media outlets as a way to communicate to employees on a regular basis.

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