Benefit Administration


BenefitHelp provides a fully automated, cloud-based benefits enrollment and administration system for clients of any size.

Our BenefitHelpSYSTEM™ platform is an online benefits administration system with fully automated EDI connectivity among insurance carriers, TPAs, and payroll vendors. Accessible 24/7, this system eliminates paper and increases efficiency, allowing our clients to simplify their entire benefits administration process.

It’s easy-to-use technology simplifies and automates benefits enrollment and management, making the process virtually painless and paperless. Save time during open enrollment with the convenience and efficiency of  Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services, enabling you to eliminate employee applications and forgo manual data transfers and re-entry.

Securely store and access all of your vital employee information, generate billing, employee census, and plan enrollment reports that you can export or email directly from the system.

Features of our Benefit Administration System Include

 Available 24/7

  Employee Access

  Employee’s can review both personal and benefit plan information

  Benefit elections & Benefit statements

  On-line employee handbooks

  Life Event management

  Record dependent eligibility and manage evidence of insurability

  Enrollment History

  Work-flow management

  Premium calculations

  Evidence of Insurability

  Sample paycheck

  Easy uploads and downloads

  Access to real time robust reporting

  Carrier Integrations

  HRIS/Payrol Integrations

  Tracking PTO



  Automate COBRA



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